A hotel with a tradition

Around 1800, the Bürgerbräu was still named ‘Der Obere Briel’, and had been considered for a long time to be the most beautiful half-timbered house with magnificent fresco paintings in the ‘village of Überlingen’. As far back as 1812, the master butcher, Auer, was licensed to sell wine, beer, brandy and cold meals here. We’re proud of the history of our hotel, and are delighted every day that our ideas have been able to flourish here.

A traditional house with a modern interpretation

The Bürgerbräu has had a chequered history, with owners and tenants changing until 1935, when the Härle brewery leased the establishment to Luise Kohler. After her marriage to Konrad Metzler, they bought the Bürgerbräu, which has been owned by the family ever since. In the meantime, it has been converted, refurbished and modified several times to meet continually increasing demands. Until the 1960s it was important to maintain the popular regulars’ tables and to accommodate associations that were established during the post-war years.

Changes in civilian life demanded a new impetus, which Manfred and Monika Metzler introduced to the Bürgerbräu. Since 2008, Katja and Simon Metzler have continued the hotel’s entrepreneurial, risk-taking spirit with a great deal of dedication and enthusiasm. The hotel and restaurant combine on enjoyable days to turn a guest’s stay into a period of genuine relaxation.

Your hosts, Katja and Simon Metzler

As genuine connoisseurs, we’re delighted to be able to welcome you to the Bürgerbräu, where hospitality is alive and well, and taste sensations are celebrated.

Simon Metzler

Generally found in the kitchen. Ever since completing his training under Stefan Marquard, he has dedicated himself entirely to gourmet cuisine. He learned how to be even more flexible and creative as the tour chef for ‘Die Toten Hosen’ and ‘Die Ärzte’, eventually coming back home to realise his potential as Head Chef.

Going about his work with enthusiasm and creativity

Katja Metzler

Being poorly organised is not an option. Katja makes sure that everything runs well, if not better, and is the first point of contact for the guests. Her perpetual good mood rubs off on everyone, and she makes everybody feel welcome immediately.

Friends of Bürgerbräu

Stefan Marquard
Simon’s mentor, also known as ‘Papa Crazy’, is and always will be a leading figure on the ‘alternative’ chef scene.